Hybrid work is here to stay. Learn how to create a corporate culture that fosters collaboration, engagement and productivity in a hybrid workplace.

Discover 5 high-impact virtual team building activities and games that can help your remote or hybrid team stay connected and engaged.

With the emergence of remote work, virtual team building activities are emerging as the future of team building. Here are 7 best practices.

Improving team cohesion is one of the major concerns of any business leader. And to develop this spirit within the team, companies regularly use team building activities. Here are 8 reasons to boost team spirit within your company through team building activities.

These two notions of gaming and gamification are very close and at the same time very far apart. They are too often confused and have many differences. Virtual worlds: game or work?

Understanding emerging job trends helps companies build strong HR teams. Here are the top 5 job trends for 2023 that shapes the future of jobs.

With the dematerialization and digitalization of our society, virtual hiring is emerging as the future of recruitment, and this for several reasons.

The context is forcing companies to increasingly conduct their recruitment processes virtually. But what is virtual hiring and how to make yours successful?

What if virtual interviews were the future of recruiting? Here's what you need to know to ace your next virtual job interview.

Want to start hiring in the metaverse? From finding new talent to evaluating candidates, here are the best practices for recruiting in the metaverse.

When we are in the office, the question does not arise. Communication, in all its forms, from the coffee machine to the meeting room, is natural and intrinsic to office life. In remote work it is not as simple. See the dos and don'ts to communicate well remotely!

To keep a team motivated and close-knit, you need to think carefully about your remote team communication strategy. Here are 5 best practices for communicating with a remote team.

Communicating effectively with a remote team has always been one of the biggest challenges of transitioning to an officeless work culture. Here are 5 remote team communication strategies that work.

Remote management is really not like face-to-face management. To help you keep your team on top, here are 5 mistakes to avoid for a remote team leader.

Even if meeting your employees in person is complicated, an effective virtual onboarding process improves the experience and engagement of new employees. Here are 7 ways to successfully integrate your new employees virtually.

A happy employee at work is the assurance of having a good quality of service and better productivity! And this is all the more important in a hybrid workplace.

Here are 6 easy-to-implement ideas to increase employee satisfaction in your hybrid workspace.

Being an active hybrid team member can be a real challenge given the lack of contact with colleagues. Here are 6 tips for being active in hybrid working.

How to create a company culture when your team works remotely? A real challenge for many companies. Here are some tips for building a strong remote culture.

Online events have the enormous advantage of bringing together people from all over the world without having to travel and thus reach a wider audience.

In this article, we will see 8 essential keys to hosting successful virtual events.

Do you want to host a virtual event, and you are not sure how to go about it? Here are 8 tips for an innovative online event 🔥

Hosting an event online is far from easy, but an online event management software can make it easier for you. Here are 7 good reasons to use one!

To build cohesion and reduce employees' feelings of isolation, your company may consider hosting virtual activities to simulate interactions between co-workers.

Here are 6 ideas of virtual events to organise for your team building activities.

Online team building activities can allow remote worker to get to know each other better, reinforce common goals and cultivate trust.

Here are 5 online hybrid team building activities that your employees will love!

Working from home increases worker productivity and flexibility, but it requires strong discipline. Here are 10 tips to work efficiently from home.

Remote working, or telework, was already on the rise over the past decade, but COVID-19 has dramatically increased its popularity. Remote working has tangible and proven benefits for both employers and employees: increased employee productivity, savings, easier recruitment, etc. Here are 10 benefits of remote work.

A virtual office allows employees to work from any location while enjoying the perks of a traditional workspace. Here's what you need to know about it.

A successful metaverse will be great, but an open and decentralized metaverse will be even better. Discover Metadventure, our metaverse builder project.

Employee demotivation can be a real issue in the daily management of a company. Here are some tips to create motivation at work for yourself and your teams.

Managing a hybrid team comes with many challenges. Here are 8 tips for setting up an efficient hybrid work model and creating an enjoyable hybrid workplace. 

With the digital revolution, more and more companies are embracing remote work and virtual workspaces. But, is remote work a threat to social interactions?

In the race to build a metaverse, Facebook is a major player. But will the Facebook metaverse be the one we are dreaming of? Let's check it out together! 

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