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πŸ›  7 reasons why you should be using an online event management tool

online event management tool

For several years, technologies have become more and more embedded in our ways of doing things and become essential allies in achieving optimal performance and foolproof efficiency. The event sector is no exception.

It is now possible to use an online event management software, a technology that helps you manage all the tasks relating to the organization of your event, whether it is corporate, sporting, commercial or even cultural.

Here are 7 reasons why you should use a virtual event tool.

1. Gather everything you need in one place

First, an online event management platform allows you to gather all your tasks in one place: meetings, all-hands conferences, exchanging documents and much more! For you, there are no limits with regard to the options offered and for the participant, everything is at fingertips!

2. Easily organize your team

A virtual event tool can do wonders to keep you organized, enable effective collaboration, and avoid miscommunication. There are often many people or collaborators involved in the organization of an online event. The event management tool will ensure tasks are assigned, that communication is clear and that work is done without delay between collaborators. As we know that communication is key to easily organize your team, discover how virtual communication can be spontaneous with WorkAdventure !

3. Create a better online registration experience

Years ago, to organize an event without an event management tool, people used Google Forms to create online signup forms, quizzes, and surveys. And it was very time-consuming. With a virtual event tool, you can create highly customizable forms, different types of tickets that meet your promotional needs, and communicate quickly and accurately.

4. Manage attendees

How many guests, registrants, buyers and attendees will you have for your event? How many emails will you need to send and receive? This task of managing attendee data can be very time-consuming without proper software. With an online event management tool, attendee information is consolidated on a single platform; where you can quickly search for what you need.

5. Save money

In addition, by equipping yourself with a virtual event management tool, you save money since you will no longer need to juggle between different softwares and you will need less resources.

6. Analyze the success of your events

An online event management tool will help you gauge the success (or failure) of your online events and learn valuable lessons. In addition to reducing costs, avoiding mistakes and amplifying good results at the next similar event, you will find the reports very useful when it comes to getting sponsorship for an event. All this data will allow you to establish a long-term event strategy.

7. Easily replicate a successful event

Let's face it, no one wants to start from scratch for every event project they take on. With an online event management tool, you can replicate the success of your previous event with established workflows, settings, and framework. Just standardize your event planning and management process; and the entire event team in your organization will be able to achieve consistently good results.

WorkAdventure, an innovative platform for organizing your online events

WorkAdventure is a fun platform for gathering people from all over the world. Whether for the organization of team building activities or for the management of online events, it will offer you countless possibilities. WorkAdventure is a real metaverse where you can create and entirely customize your own virtual workspace, virtual conference rooms, virtual events, ...

You can easily add WorkAdventure to your video conferencing options in your Google Calendar by the way, and start creating your online events. Try it now for freeΒ !

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