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🏃‍♂️ 8 keys for running successful online events

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Most professionals in all sectors agree that online events are the future. They have the enormous advantage of bringing together people from all over the world without having to travel and thus reach a wider audience.

In this article, we will see 8 essential keys to hosting successful virtual events.

1. Set goals

It always seems obvious, but it is important to remember: you have to define quantitative objectives (number of participants, number of comments, quiz results, etc.) but also qualitative ones (satisfaction, memorization of key messages, commitment, etc.). The most important thing is that there is consistency between the objectives and the means deployed for your online event.

2. Determine the best time to hold your online event

Whether it is a training session, a symposium or any other activity offered online, it is important that the participants targeted by your event are available when you hold your meeting. Keep an eye on events that concern your audience and choose the time that may be convenient for them to encourage registrations.

3. Choose the right platform

There are many digital solutions specializing in hosting virtual events such as Teemew Events, VRrOOm or WorkAdventure to name a few. Bet on a scalable and flexible platform that is fully in line with your objectives and that will meet the expectations of your target audience.

4. Catch the attention of your audience with great content

  • Alternate content formats: interviews, reports, animations, portraits, surveys, reviews, etc.;

  • Vary the media: images, illustrations, computer graphics, videos, PowerPoint graphics, etc.;

  • Favour short formats: eliminate unnecessary information to avoid overwhelming your listeners;

  • Tell a story to generate emotion, reactions and memories;

  • Prioritize sharp, original and targeted content. Indeed, a bored audience will attribute this disappointment to your company.

5. Communicate about your online event and create enthusiasm

Like a face-to-face event, attending an online event does not require any particular organisation for the participants (exit the purchase of train tickets, hotel reservations, etc.). As a result, a remote event is more often easily forgotten. To prevent this from happening, you must communicate about your event and prepare your audience about it. Bet on a quality digital communication strategy before, during and after the event.

6. Anticipate your actions, be organized

It is obvious that setting up a successful online event requires a minimum of organisation and preparation, especially since certain actions will have to be planned well in advance. Establish a schedule where you can date each important stage of your project, such as the launch of invitations, communication on social networks...

7. Plan who does what in your team

Determine the role of each team member, record them in a table, and share this information before the event. Also provide an emergency number that people can use in case of an unforeseen problem. Whether it's a technical glitch or a worker who has to be absent, your hybrid team will know who to contact to manage the different situations.

8. Already think about the after

Following your virtual event, consider sending a special communication, a satisfaction survey, a word of thanks to the speakers and participants. Emailing attendees is a good way to keep in touch with them. Take the opportunity to discuss with them as well as with the exhibitors and your team by asking them what they thought of the event. The feedback from the participants will allow you to identify the strong points of the event, but also to point out certain weak points that will have to be improved.

In conclusion…

The current trend suggests that virtual and hybrid events will increasingly become “the norm” in the event industry. It is therefore essential for any organization to jump on the bandwagon and adopt good practices to organize successful virtual events.

WorkAdventure supports you in the organization of successful online events. Create and personalize a virtual place to empower your people all around the world:

  • Make cultural activities with your team members (international lunch, ...);

  • Schedule tournaments and team battles with the supervision of hybrid work facilitator;

  • Organize playful games with rewards like treasure hunts, escape games, worldwide sport game predictions.

  • And more… 

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