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🕺 6 tips to boost employee satisfaction in a hybrid workplace

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Just as important as that of the customer, employee satisfaction must be at the center of your company's development strategy. A happy employee at work is the assurance of having a good quality of service and better productivity! And this is all the more important in a hybrid workplace, which combines corporate work and remote work.

Here are 6 easy-to-implement ideas to increase employee satisfaction in your hybrid workspace.

1. Conduct an employee satisfaction survey

The satisfaction survey is the first step if you want the work of employees to be more productive. Since well-being is not quantifiable, it is essential to ask the right questions. Mood, motivation, team cohesion, these are excellent indicators of employee satisfaction in a hybrid workspace. You can find many examples of employee satisfaction surveys on the web!

Subsequently, the analysis of the results will allow you to put in place concrete actions to improve the quality of life at work. These surveys must be carried out regularly in order to maintain a good level of satisfaction over the long term.

2. Maintain satisfaction through feedback

Positive feedback is of paramount importance in management practices. To keep our motivation intact, in fact, nothing better than to receive a benevolent return on our work. The objective is then to strengthen the talents of each one by emphasizing them, by valuing them. Of course, that doesn't mean criticism is ruled out. They simply have to be constructive to allow the employee to grow.

3. Set up flexible working conditions

To make your employees happy, you must make their working conditions more flexible. This largely involves flexible hours. Reconciling professional and personal life is a daily challenge. Being able to leave earlier for an appointment,or to be able to go to your sports class, is stress less. A greatly appreciated flexibility that will increase productivity and promote employee satisfaction within your hybrid workplace.

4. Improve communication in your hybrid workplace

Internal communication is a pillar for increasing employee engagement in a hybrid workspace. If the manager wants to achieve his goals, it is essential that all employees move together in the same direction. The health of the company depends on it!

To communicate better and be as transparent as possible, you can use innovative tools, such as WorkAdventure. A digital communication solution that can highly contribute to job satisfaction in hybrid workplaces.

5. Cultivate a sense of belonging

In order for your employees to be happy at work, it is also important to cultivate a company culture where they feel a sense of belonging. Be sure to organize corporate events and team building activities to create links. But especially on a day-to-day basis, pay particular attention to ensuring that no employee feels isolated. Regularly ask your employees how they are doing, take the time to engage with them honestly. 

Moreover, to value diversity in your hybrid workplace, it is essential to support it with a strategy of inclusion of employees in order to develop the feeling of belonging and well-being.

6. Provide high-performance work tools for job satisfaction

Whether your employees telecommute or not, you need to make sure they have all the tools they need to work and stay connected with their colleagues. For example, it is essential that they have access to tools that allow them to chat, share documents and make videoconferences to communicate and collaborate effectively, on a daily basis. Do not forget, you need to focus on the real needs of your employees to be able to choose the right tools.

And if you’re looking for a great collaborative tool for boosting your employees’ engagement, WorkAdventure is for you. With our virtual workplace, your employees will find all the applications they need to work and interact. A great asset to increase the satisfaction of your employees. Try WorkAdventure for free!

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