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🎯 Best practices for hiring in the metaverse

Virtual recruitment

First sold as an entertainment space, the metaverse is finding more and more applications in the world of work, including job search and recruitment. Some companies, like Hays, Hyundai, and Samsung, have already invested in the metaverse to host virtual job fairs, recruit high-skilled talent, and train people. Although still in its beginnings, the potential of metaverse technology is almost limitless.

Of course, the idea is not to completely replace recruitment via traditional methods, but it can be a complementary tool in an overall recruitment strategy. But before you start, here is a list of useful best practices if you want to try recruitment in the metaverse.

8 tips for successful hiring in the metaverse

Thanks to its many applications in the recruitment process, the metaverse appears to be a tool of the future for Human Resources. This fictional 3D or 2D universe offers total immersion in the form of avatars. A person can thus move, learn, and interact. Technophiles will also be able to refine their recruitment strategy and test their candidates.

By way of example, to attract engineers from the Grandes Ecoles, Alexandre Bompard, CEO of Carrefour, introduced a recruitment session from his virtual campus, in the metaverse. If you too want to start recruiting in the metaverse, here are 8 tips for attracting the best talent 👇

1. Prepare well in advance for hiring in the metaverse

To optimize the return on investment of your recruitment in the metaverse, several conditions are necessary: having a strong employer brand at the base, knowing your job offers well and keeping in touch with the candidates as soon as the virtual event is over.

2. Choose the right metaverse technology

Hence, the need to properly frame your needs. What does the company want to achieve in the metaverse? Is it only for recruitment or does it want to have a broader presence, such as gaining visibility and making the metaverse a new customer interaction channel, for example? The answer to these questions will guide you to the best metaverse solution for your needs.

3. Facilitate access to the metaverse platform

By dint of seeking innovation at all costs, the recruitment process should not be made more complex. The metaverse must be a facilitator for access to employment. Metaverse platforms such as WorkAdventure are easy to access and simple to use. Further, the platform is accessible from anywhere and from any device! You just need to have a good internet connection. This will make your recruitment in the metaverse more accessible to candidates.

4. Create a modern showcase of your company in the metaverse

Using the metaverse to present the reality of your company also reinforces employer attractiveness from the first meeting. Indeed, in virtual universes, the boundary between real and virtual sometimes tends to blur to create a transposable reality. Also, the virtual experience sends a strong message: the central place of innovation in the strategic concerns of your company. The more a company presents itself as innovative, the more talents expect to experience the same thing internally (training, tools available, etc.).

5. Take care of your brand image by creating proximity

Beyond the search for rare profiles, deploying an employer brand within virtual worlds is an opportunity to differentiate yourself. Job dating in the metaverse has the advantage of being more convivial, which is very positive for the brand image of the company. It will seem more accessible, less formal. It’s a great opportunity to convince of your dynamism and the possibilities of development in promising sectors that you offer to your future recruits!

6. Create new relationships between employers and talent

When hiring in the metaverse, it is possible to create open days in your virtual office, to organize unique recruitment sessions, to allow candidates to discuss with the teams. Borders are shrinking, and virtual bridges are being created in order to invent new relationships between employers and talents.

7. Have candidates do live practice cases

Recruiting in the metaverse can be an opportunity to have candidates solve practical cases. It is quite common nowadays to ask for such practical cases during an interview process. All candidates may not be in the same location, and sometimes it can be difficult and inconvenient to make them travel for that purpose. By offering live practice tests or cases in the metaverses, you can reach a larger number of talents.

8. Plan face-to-face or video validation

After exchanges between candidate avatars and recruiter avatars in the metaverse, validation by a “real” interview (face-to-face or video) seems to be the final step in signing a job. WorkAdventure allows you to interact with avatars in the metaverse, but also to do private and spontaneous video conferences whenever you want.

To conclude…

As a powerful lever of attraction, the metaverse certainly allows you to differentiate yourself from competitors. Companies that are not interested in it risk, in a few years, being left behind in the war for talent. Those who have already taken the step of Web 3.0 will have a real head start on their competitors.

Managers and team leaders should therefore encourage their teams to become deeply familiar with the metaverse and encourage a frank discussion of the challenges and opportunities that hiring in the metaverse will bring.

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