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🎢 The Future of recruiting: immersive interviews in a virtual environment

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From in-person interviews to Zoom calls and now Metaverse, the age-old recruiting process is going digital. As Web3 startups lead the change, a few mainstream tech companies are also leveraging AR/VR technology. They have already taken some important steps in virtual recruitment.

By immersing the candidate in his future professional daily life, virtual reality allows the employer to gauge his ability to hold the position. For his part, the candidate gets a very concrete idea of the job for which he is applying.

The benefits of virtual environment in recruitment

1. Find your talents

Virtual environments offer many opportunities for interaction that should appeal to both candidates and recruiters. In addition to having the opportunity to meet the candidates in an immersive world, all participants will be able to interact with each other. Investing in this medium represents a great opportunity to attract young talents, while giving them the opportunity to showcase themselves in a fun and innovative way. Such an approach makes it possible to attract talent from all walks of life.

2. Test your candidates

The establishment of a virtual world would make it possible to test the soft and hard skills of candidates through immersive mini-games. This therefore allows the recruiter to test the candidate under realistic conditions, for example by simulating the business cases usually encountered.

During interviews, recruiters favor human interactions as much as possible. However, if face-to-face recruitment is not an option, virtual recruitment is an excellent alternative to physical interviews.

3. Train your employees

Virtual environments such as the metaverse offer many possibilities, including that of training new employees remotely. Virtual reality greatly facilitates training and transmission of knowledge in a realistic and intuitive environment.

Virtual interviews best practices for candidates

Even in a virtual environment, stay real...yourself. In particular, by clearly communicating your experience, qualifications and skills. Your presentation should be articulate.

In fact, in a space where you will no longer be physically in front of a hiring manager, there may be even more room for ambiguity or miscommunication. You remain your biggest advocate, so if anything is unclear, ask for clarification.

Just like any jobseeker, you should do a technical check before any virtual interview. Also, before diving into a particular platform for an interview, familiarize yourself with it.

Finally, it is absolutely essential to choose an appropriate place to conduct the virtual job interview. There's nothing worse than a noisy environment and distractions during a video interview. If the videoconference is in your home, choose a quiet room and let your family or roommates know you're going to be interviewed, so they can act accordingly.

Virtual interviews best practices for employers

If you're the recruiter, there are some specific steps you can take to streamline the virtual interview process and make every candidate feel comfortable applying to your organization. Here are some tips for your virtual job interviews!

1. Send a virtual invitation

Sending a virtual invitation to the interview candidate is a common and indispensable practice for you. Many video conferencing services automatically generate an email invitation. So just make sure that all parties involved have received a copy of the invitation.

The virtual invitation must include the technical details of the virtual interview (login procedures, access codes, etc.) and any other relevant information such as the documentation that the candidate should have on hand.

If you do choose WorkAdventure as your virtual environment, you will be able to include the link of your virtual world directly in your Google Calendar video-conferencing options.

2. Make sure you have a defined interview strategy

Another good practice for employers is to have an interview strategy defined in advance. Job interviews are not only an opportunity for candidates to make a good first impression on potential employers; they are also an opportunity for employers to make a positive first impression on candidates, and arriving unprepared for the interview does not bode well for either party.

3. Be consistent in your virtual interviews

Being consistent in your virtual interviews means several things. First, standardizing the questions you ask each candidate for the same position helps eliminate bias and ensures a fair process. Second, make sure your interviewing team is consistent on details, such as the title and responsibilities of the job you're interviewing for, reporting structure, and career development opportunities. This will make your organization look much more professional than if the team lacks consistency.

4. Consider ways to communicate company culture and values

Finally, consider ways to communicate your company's culture and values during the virtual job interview. Even though it's a remote position, potential employees want to know what to expect in terms of company culture.

A simple and practical tool for your immersive virtual interviews

Using virtual office software such as WorkAdventure is one of the best ways to build a virtual interview process. WorkAdventure allows you to freely create a personalized and complete environment for virtual interviews. Want to find out how it can help your business? Get started today with a free trial!

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