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📆 6 virtual event ideas for team building activities

Virtual games with WorkAdventure

Many teams, and lots of international ones, work remotely. Although working remotely has many benefits, it can sometimes make employees feel isolated. To build cohesion and reduce employees' feelings of isolation, your company may consider hosting virtual activities to simulate interactions between co-workers.

Here are 6 ideas of virtual events to organise for your team building activities.

1. Virtual game night

You can incorporate just about any game into a virtual team game night for team building. Try hosting a Virtual Pictionary Party, Virtual Murder Mystery, Virtual Escape Room, or Virtual Board Games. You can also use a virtual game site like Jackbox Games to make your hybrid team members laugh and get to know each other better.

If you are looking for a fun space to play these virtual games with your team, you should consider using WorkAdventure! You can integrate all kinds of games directly in your virtual world.

2. Virtual movie night

Movie nights are great when you want to plan a fun and less strenuous team building event. Simply schedule a time for your employees to get together on your video chat platform and watch a movie of their choice. To increase engagement, you can ask them to vote for their favorite movies ahead of time.

3. Virtual end of year celebration

You can also organise virtual events around the holidays celebrated in the countries of your hybrid team. Consider virtual gatherings in costume or makeup, for example. Or bring your employees together to eat, drink and chat virtually before heading out for their Christmas or Lunar New Year vacation.

And do not forget, you can also customise your virtual space on WorkAdventure for the occasion!

4. Virtual cooking workshop

“Team cooking” with a remote chef, “home cooking” or “live cooking” is a friendly online event for team building. Aperitifs, dishes, desserts and pastries or “organic” or multicultural cuisine… The choice is vast! The plus: you can ask your questions in real time and everything is ready to taste since everyone is at home, ready to set foot under the table! This virtual event will particularly delight cooking enthusiasts.

5. Virtual race

Virtual races are always unifying and stimulating. In 2020, many marathons have gone digital, especially the one in New York. So nothing prevents you from creating a team with bibs bearing the image of your company. Everyone runs on their own but the times taken are generally counted via an application offered by the race organiser. And competing for a charity will motivate more than one!

Car racing via a video game console (Wii, PlayStation, Switch, etc.) such as Mario Kart can also allow your employees to challenge themselves online in a fun way, alone or in teams.

6. The special “Sustainable Development” online event

More than a trend, the theme of CSR, alias "Corporate Social Responsibility", is gradually establishing itself in seminars, incentives and team building. To raise employee awareness while getting away from the daunting aspect of the subject, you can offer animations in the form of videoconference such as DIY (Do It Yourself) workshops on recycling objects. A virtual event that can also be a very good idea for a team building activity.

The best tool to organise your virtual events

WorkAdventure is the best tool for carrying out your virtual team building events. It’s a professional yet fun place where team building sessions take another turn!

We saw a few examples of virtual events you can organise in WorkAdventure. Here are some other examples of cool things you can do with WorkAdventure:

  • Make cultural activities with your team members (international lunch, ...);

  • Schedule tournaments and team battles with the supervision of hybrid work facilitator;

  • Organise playful games with rewards like treasure hunts, escape games, worldwide sport game predictions.

Let’s see what it looks like!

Virtual team building activities

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