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✨ 8 tips on how to host an innovative virtual event

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The advent of new digital technologies now makes it possible to organize all types of remote or hybrid events, live or not (business evening, work seminar, team building activity, trade show, meeting, etc.). And this, thanks to numerous web tools that make an event interactive and impactful.

However, simply hosting a virtual event is no longer enough. You absolutely need to integrate the best practices to captivate your participants online.

So how do you make a virtual event a success? Here are 8 tips for hosting an innovative online event.

1. Define the concept of the virtual event and its objectives

Whether big or small, online or offline, every event should have a clearly identified concept and objectives. The sooner you can start planning, the better. Before hosting a virtual event, answer the following questions:

  • What type of experience do you hope to provide?

  • Why do you want to organize this event?

  • What is the need for your client or participants?

  • Will the event be live, on-demand, or both?

  • Where do you want the content to be seen?

  • Will access be paid or free?

What key performance indicators (KPI) and data do you plan to track?

2. Stay one step ahead in terms of organization

Do not underestimate the logistics involved in a virtual event. Plan everything in advance, carefully – this way you will avoid compromising the final result and wasting time on the day. Think about the hardware and data you need, but also the software that can help you, from attendee registration to the event broadcast platform.

3. Choose and well prepare your speakers

If your event needs to bring together business leaders to lead conferences or round tables, you should make sure they are well prepared and everyone knows when to act! It's essential to have a list of relevant speakers that are experts in their specific domain – and it's even better if they already have built a big community. Knowing who you are staging helps ensure the quality and credibility of your event. Also, give speakers the time they need to pre-record and perfect their talk. Don't forget to organize kick-off pre-sessions!

4. Tease the virtual event

Why wait until the beginning of your event to share valuable information? In the same way that a film trailer encourages spectators to take a cinema ticket, a short overview of the content offered during this meeting encourages Internet users to register. Arouse the interest of participants by offering them brief interviews with your speakers, excerpts from previous interventions, or the schedule of debates and round tables.

5. Use motion design

Motion design is a technique that consists of animating graphic elements. For several years, motion design has been on the rise: it is the new video trend in Content Marketing and Brand Content. When we talk about a digital event, we are referring to occasional animations produced using digital technologies. Betting on motion design, you will set the bar high in terms of data projection. Première Pro, Illustrator, Photoshop, After Effects, Cinema 4D… So many software with which you can create motion design video for your virtual events.

6. Focus on interactivity

You will need to keep in mind that your event will be evaluated based on attendees’ participation. Thanks to its interactivity and playful aspect, it will provide an enriching event experience. Quiz, chat module, answer question section... it's up to you to define the atmosphere that will make your event a success. Don’t forget, a well-organized digital meeting or conference will be a good point to reinforce your brand image.

7. Use immersive platforms

The use of technologies such as the metaverse can allow you to stand out and provide a completely immersive experience to your guests. Visit a virtual showroom, discover the backstage of the company... transmit your universe and your authenticity remotely and give your users a unique experience! It is important though to choose a metaverse which would be accessible from anywhere, anytime, and from any device. WorkAdventure is a great option for the 2D metaverse.

8. Integrate networking and well-being activities

Even if the participants are remote, you need to consider new ways to foster collaboration and the creation of real connections. Panel discussions and networking sessions can make up for the lack of human interaction. Yoga and stretching sessions, contests during which participants are asked to answer questions about their field of expertise, and virtual banquets are also to be considered.

In conclusion…

Hosting a virtual event is an effective way to reach your target. However, holding such an event requires strategic thinking, adequate planning and marketing efforts. With these tips, you are now a little closer to success!

Are you looking for a good platform to host a virtual event? Try WorkAdventure, a great tool to organize your virtual events, or to create a personalized virtual workspace for your hybrid team.

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