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💪 How to build a strong remote culture?

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As we know, since the health crisis of 2020, remote work has gradually become widespread in companies. Whether part-time or full-time, companies have adapted to offer this new way of working to their employees. The challenge now is to manage to maintain a certain cohesion and to manage to make the company live, without seeing each other every day. In other words, to create a real remote company culture.

We will share in this article some tips for creating a strong corporate culture with a team working remotely. But first, let’s first find out what a corporate culture is and why it is so important.

What is a corporate culture?

The corporate culture or company culture is the sum of the values ​​that shape and drive your organization. It determines the way in which the internal functioning, the decisions taken, the hierarchy, the way of working, the relations between employees and sometimes even the appearance of the offices are set up. The company culture is the cement that brings all employees together under the same label and influences the course and strategy chosen for the future.

Let's see now some tips that can help you establish a strong remote company culture within your organization.

7 tips for creating a strong corporate culture with a remote team.

1. Play on the identity of the company

Build your remote culture on the basis of a slogan, a logo, an ethic, something meaningful for your employees. The identity of your organization has a strong influence on the performance of your employees. The more they identify with you and your values, the more they will get involved!

2. Rely on unifying and exemplary behaviors

The leaders and managers of an organization are the ones who set the tone. They are the ambassadors of the corporate culture. Through their way of working, of interacting, through their responsibilities and their decision-making, they instill the values ​​of the company.

So bet on the managers and unifying talents of your organization to adopt exemplary behavior and spread the values ​​that matter to you. A manager who takes the time to greet everyone, who is courteous and grateful, sends a strong positive message to employees.

3. Encourage communication within the company

To build a strong remote culture, leave no one behind. Communication must be one of the pillars of your corporate culture. To do this, organize videoconference meetings to regularly discuss current issues and news in your sector. Invite employees to talk about these topics and take a genuine interest in the company they work for.

4. Integrate new members well

Pay particular attention to the virtual onboarding of your new employees. Communicate clearly about your internal operating methods. If possible, you can even design a guide to your company culture that will be given to each new employee.

5. Recognition is important

You should never be too busy to recognize the people who make your business work. Recognition doesn't have to be expensive; in fact, a simple email or message thanking a member of your team for his/her efforts can often have a good impact. Honesty is key! Recognition can also be monetized and negotiable if needed!

6. Organize Team Building activities

In a full-remote or hybrid context, it may be essential to recreate the link between members of the same team and to re-establish sometimes distanced relationships. This is a perfect opportunity for the direction to organize team building activities and give employees a space to bond! These activities should be fun and act as an icebreaker. And if it's possible to, try to organize on-site team building from time to time to reinforce social link.

7. Ask for feedback and measure the commitment of your employees

The only way to know if your employees are happy is to ask them. Get into the habit of sending out monthly or quarterly anonymous surveys to assess the extent to which your company upholds its values! These employee surveys give you insight into what's working and what needs improvement. They measure employee sentiment and can tell you about issues you may not know existed.

A great tool to help you develop your remote work culture

Now that you know how to build a strong remote culture, you will probably need a digital tool that helps you succeed in your mission. WorkAdventure is the perfect place to spread your remote corporate culture! It can help you create a virtual environment that will transmit your sense of community and will help everybody to feel at home.

Thanks to WorkAdventure, you can organize internal remote or hybrid events (cooking classes, book clubs…), trainings in a dedicated virtual space, webinars or professional online events, team building activities and more.

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