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Announcing WorkAdventure v1.7

Ho ho ho, friends! Just in time for Christmas, I'm really super proud to announce the immediate release of WorkAdventure 1.7.0.

What's new?

Automatic zoom on entering a zone

You can now define "auto-focus zones". When you enter such a zone, the camera will zoom on the zone. This can be very useful for meeting rooms (to keep the focus on the room), or for large conference rooms. Previously, when you were in a big conference room, people at the bottom of the room were not sure to view the stage if it was far away. With "auto-focus zones", when you enter the conference room, the camera will zoom-out so that you can see the whole room, including the stage, wherever you are in the room.

Wokas overlay over video stream

When you talk to many people in a bubble, if could be hard to know which person has a given Woka. Now, the Woka of the user is displayed as an overlay on top of the video, so you can easily make a match between the physical person you are talking to and the virtual avatar.

Wokas overlay over video stream

A huge thanks to Piotr for this super cool feature!

API to add an outline to players

You can now control if you want to display an color "outline" around the Woka's name via the API. This could be useful in the future, to write script that make teams of players for instance.

API to add an outline to players


  • Upgraded from Typescript 3.9 to 4.5 on the front container

  • Added a token identifying a user connected to a room. This token is generated by the admin and accessible from the scripting API. If you developed your own admin, this token can be used to identify users that would connect to your admin from the scripting API. In WorkAdventure SAAS, we will use this token to provide file-upload capability inside scripts. Users can upload images and those images can be used in maps.

There are dozens of small improvements that have been applied to WorkAdventure. Check out the release notes for more details .... and of course, countless bug fixes

What’s next?

But that’s not all!

The upcoming WorkAdventure 1.8 release will feature new exciting features with:

  • A completely revamped experience opening web-sites inside WorkAdventure

  • A new “follow-me” feature developed by our so amazing community


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